MKLET Heat Meter Flanged

MKLET Heat Meter Flanged

Metron MKLET Heat Meters totalise the consumption of energy in LTHW systems where water is the heating medium. A Metron heat meter consists of an energy Integrator , a flow sensor, flow/return sensors and immersion pockets. The calibrated sensors (PT500) determine the flw and return temperatures, while the flw sensor registers water volume, this data is calculated into Kwh consumption by the energy integrator. The integrator unit has a pulse output as standard, optional interfaces available include Mbus, Lonworks, RS232 and RS485. Manufactured from high quality MID approved components, providing high accuracy and long service life.

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Category: Mechanical Heat Meters DN15-300
Meter Type: Mechanical Heat Meter
Connection Type: Flanged PN16
Accuracy: R100
Approvals: MID EN1434/RHI Compliant
Features: 3mtr PT500 temperature sensors, 67mm steel pockets, ip54/ip65/ip68 integrator 10 year battery, 230v,24v available on request, 5 and 10 mtr sensors available

Available Models

Model Name Size (mm) Max Temp Extra Info
50MM 130C 40 Nominal Flow M3/H
65MM 130C 63 Nominal Flow M3/H
80MM 130C 100 Nominal Flow M3/H
100MM 130C 160 Nominal Flow M3/H
125MM 130C 250 Nominal Flow M3/H
150MM 130C 400 Nominal Flow M3/H
200MM 130C 630 Nominal Flow M3/H
250MM 130C 1000 Nominal Flow M3/H
300MM 130C 1600 Nominal Flow M3/H

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